00: City walk in Norrtälje  

Come discover Norrtälje’s cultural history! 

There are 22 signs provided with QR codes around the city. You scan them with your mobile phone or tablet to access information about the surroundings in the form of text and pictures.   

The cultural history-oriented texts are based on the city walks and writings of Norrtälje expert Lennart Jansson. Lennart Jansson (1928–2018) possessed extensive knowledge on Norrtälje’s history and cultural heritage. Through his involvement in the Antiquarian Society, the Roslagen Museum Foundation and the Torsten Nordström Museum, he was a key figure in popular education, enlightenment and cultural promotion for many years. He spread his knowledge to the public through city walks, lectures and books.  

For more information about the city walk and contact details, see: https://kultur.norrtalje.se/web/arena/guider